Hack K-State is a student-led 36-hour hackathon hosted at Kansas State University where over 200 students of different skill levels come together to experiment and create unique software or hardware projects from scratch. We empower teams to hack their project together in only 36(ish) hours by providing resources like workshops, mentors, and free APIs.

You can form teams of up to 4 people. There are no restrictions for who they can be, so you can team up with hackers from any school or experience level. Teams can be formed before or during the event. During the event, we will have an event for those looking to form a team.

No. In the interest of fairness to all participants, students should not be working on their projects before Hack K-State and we do not allow participants to work on projects that they have worked on previously or are pre-existing. However, you are allowed to familiarize yourself with all the tools, technologies, and hardware you intend to use before the weekend!

Hack K-State is open to high school students, college students, and graduate students from all high schools, universities, and colleges.

Participation in Hack K-State is completely free. We also provide food and accommodation for the entire event. We currently do not offer travel reimbursement.

Hack K-State will take place from November 11th to November 13th at Kansas State University's College of Business. Details/logitics will come closer to the event.

No worries at all! No previous experience is required. We will provide mentors that can answer questions as well as providing food and drinks and a place to sleep if you don't have one. We will also have a discord for anyone to get help at during the hackathon. You don't need to be good at writing code or building hardware materials, Hack K-State is a learning experience and chance to have fun!

Hack K-state is currently following guidance provided by Kansas State University. Face masks are strongly encouraged, but not required. Students, employees, and visitors should not come to campus if they are sick, have a temperature over 100.4 degrees F, or have other symptoms of the coronavirus. For more information, visit K-State's Guidance and FAQ page (https://www.k-state.edu/covid-19/guidance/).